Wuhan Coronavirus Update: Gano-C Stops Wuhan Novel Coronavirus!

Gano-C is a combination of two powerful immune boosters, namely, ganoderma lucidum (called Lingzhi in China and Reishi in Japan, is a red medicinal mushroom used for over 4000 years for all kinds of sickness including cancer, without any recorded or known adverse side effects) and Vitamin C, known in our world for centuries as the most powerful vitamin, antioxidant, antiviral agent, also without adverse side effects.

Together, these have prevented the death of millions of people due to relentless infections such as Spanish Influenza in 1918, SARS 2003, SARS 2009, and will do the same to the current Wuhan 2019-nCov.

So the main question is: How will Gano-C stop Wuhan-C? Wuhan-C is a single-strand RNA virus. To do its damage to humans, it first has to enter the cell’s cytoplasm, get inside the ribosome, replicate and spread to other cells. The body’s main defense against such intruders is the immune system and its cellular elements such as T-cells, Nk cells, macrophages and others. Antiviral agents and vaccines are difficult to make and are often ineffective.

Gano-C effect however has been tested, and clearly, it boosts the cellular elements of the immune system and significantly prevent the entrance, replication and mutation of viruses in the human cell. The result is a complete STOP of the virus.

Quarantining, wearing masks, washing hands, avoiding crowds and all other forms of inactivity are signs of panic, causing more panic, and will not stop the virus.

The protection and prevention of this Wuhan-C pandemic should be the main goal.

This is inside the human body, innate part of our immune defense system, given to us by our loving God and Creator Jehovah from His natural world.