The Deadly Wuhan Corona Virus


The Corona virus is also a single stranded RNA virus and Gano-C will inhibit its entrance and replication in the cell similar to how any RNA virus is prevented from entering and replicating in the human cell.


When 20 million people are quarantined in China or any other country, something serious and extremely urgent is happening. This, of course, is the Wuhan virus that presents cold-like symptoms, but the end is a severe acute viral pneumonia that has no medical cure and a high risk for death.

Recognizing this enemy when it enters the human body is the sole responsibility of our immune system. It is also the only way to eliminate it. Antiviral agents and vaccines are ineffective and unavailable.

So, the logical approach to this crisis is boosting the immune system in order for our body to meet the challenge. Protect yourself and your family by having enough rest, eating healthy food, and taking the best immune boosting supplement you can get.