Many people of all ages have experienced  relief and resolution of their ailment brought about by Gano-C. The following people want and agreed to share their experiences with you.

I was diagnosed with breast cancer last year and it was really devastating for me. It really came without warning to me, since I thought my lifestyle was ok and I never smoked or drank alcohol except on rare social events. My doctor said after biopsy that it was malignant and it needed to be removed immediately through surgery. He scheduled the surgery in 1 month. I decided to look for a second opinion and I’m so glad I did. I started Gano-C at the recommended dose. When I went to my doctor the next month for evaluation, he couldn’t find anymore cancer.


I’ve had asthma since I was a toddler and I was always getting sick and always under a doctor’s care. I always carry my inhaler and spray to help me when I get asthmatic attacks. I met this alternative remedy 3 years ago and I started using Gano-C. First, I was afraid to let my inhaler and asthma meds go, but after 1 month of Gano-C, I threw away my inhaler and meds and I’ve only used Gano-C for the past 3 years. I no longer have asthmatic attacks, and lung or any other infections are no longer happening.


I was diagnosed with brain stroke 4 years ago, and my doctor put me on blood pressure meds. My blood pressure remained unstable and often, I was having headaches, weakness and feeling dizzy. I was always worried that I will not make it. My sleep was poor. I was introduced to Gano-C by my sister. I did not start Gano-C right away because I thought it’s another scam. But my meds were not giving me relief either. Eventually, I decided to try Gano-C. First, I noticed that I was sleeping better and I was more relaxed. As I continued the Gano-C, I no longer had dizzy spells or headaches. My blood pressure has been stable and normal for the past 3 years without meds.


My diagnosis 3 years ago was malignant and invasive Lymphosarcoma. My doctors surgically removed the affected lymph nodes in my abdomen and inguinal area. I was given chemotherapy and radiation to prevent spread of the cancer but nothing worked. The cancer exacerbated and soon blocked the circulation in my left limb. My whole left limb grew 4 times in size and the lymphosarcoma was now stage 4. I decided try the Gano-C to boost my immunity. After 2 weeks, I noticed my left limb got smaller in size. I continued Gano-C for 2 months and my left limb went back to normal size.


I was 89 years old when I had a massive stroke which left me bed ridden and weak, speechless, unable to feed myself or wash or do bathroom duties. My granddaughter, a physical therapist, took care of me and exercised my arms and legs. My doctors said I’m hopeless and will no longer recover due to old age. However, my family and I did not give up. A family member heard of Gano-C, how it builds up the defense system of the body and strengthen the weak. I started taking Gano-C at the recommended dose for my condition. In 1 month, I was no longer bedridden and did my bathroom duties. Within 3 months of Gano-C, I was walking, talking, feeling strong and my memory sharpened. I even remembered all the people that owed me money. I’m doing well and I’m now 93 years young.