Infections are the most commonly occurring and the cause of world wide pandemics killing millions of people in the past. Now, the medical and scientific community are concerned that the human race will encounter another pandemic super-infection and the cure will not be available. Bacteria and viruses have built resistance to our antibiotics and antiviral agents leaving us helpless, hopeless, and defenseless. We need to reevaluate our current methods in addressing infections. We had been so programmed and brainwashed in attacking and killing pathogenic bacteria and viruses and parasites in an infection, and totally forgot that the immune system, which is the main defense system of the human body, must be intact, boosted, and supported in order for infection not to develop in the first place.

Gano-C is the solution to this looming crisis. Our main goal is for the boosting of the immune system so that the body can have the ability to fight against any infection.

The following research about infections are included for reference: