Frequently Asked Questions

What is Gano-C made of?
Ganoderma lucidum extract + Vitamin C (ascorbic acid).
Is there overdose risk or danger for Gano-C?
No overdose. Unlike medications and drugs, Gano-C is a nutritional supplement for boosting the immune system.
Is Gano-C safe to take?
Yes. It is devoid of any adverse side effects.
What is the number of capsules of Gano-C needed to boost my immune system?
8 capsules 30 minutes before meals 2x daily for 4 weeks.

Note: Please refer to Proper Usage & Dosage for different ages.

Is Gano-C good for inflammation and swelling?
Yes. Many of our users with inflammation have found relief.
Does Gano-C interact with my medications or affect their levels?
No. Gano-C is not a drug and does not interact with drugs or medication.
Does Gano-C go against pathogenic bacteria and viruses?
Yes. Gano-C supports the growth of normal flora bacteria in the gut and helps the body to resist the growth of pathogenic bacteria and viruses.
Is Gano-C effective in arthritic pain and inflammation?
Yes. Inflammation is often the cause of arthritic pain. Gano-C relieves inflammation resulting in relief of pain.
Can I get relief for my asthma with Gano-C?
Yes. Gano-C will eliminate the allergens causing the inflammation in asthma.
Can Gano-C help me sleep?
Yes. Gano-C targets the benzodiazepine receptors in the brain to bring a restful sleep.
I have late stage cancer and I’m constantly in pain, nausea, poor appetite, and very poor sleep. Can Gano-C help me?
Yes. Even patients with late stage cancer can experience relief from pain, nausea, poor sleep and poor appetite.
Does Gano-C help in constipation?
Yes. Users have experienced normal bowel movement.
Will Gano-C help me gain strength from my recent stroke?
Yes. Gano-C helps stroke patients facilitate recovery and strength.