Do Synthetic Drugs & Medications Really Work?

This is a good question and all of us medical doctors should have a good answer for it.

My Answer

The clear understanding of human anatomy and physiology, chemistry, pharmacology, and experience in patient care is not only needed but required. For me, the clear answer is yes for some drugs and medications, depending on the situation and urgency. Case in point is when a patient needs surgery after a traumatic accident. Anesthetic drugs, narcotic pain relievers, and other synthetic medicines are needed to stabilize vital status and perform surgery. However, I personally believe that other synthetic drugs are not only ineffective, they are also destructive to internal organs, have a high risk profile and have high addictive potential.

Lifestyle diseases such as diabetes, arthritis, gout, ulcer, cancer, asthma, allergy and many more should be addressed by effective and reputably researched natural remedies such as Gano-C.  The immune system must be intact for the body to defend itself.

Sadly, the world we live in now is different from the world 100 years ago. Now, due to lack of top soil, our vegetables and fruits are deficient in vitamins and nutrients. Adding insult to injury, our world now is toxic and polluted with carcinogens from chemicals, processed foods and drinks, meats and fish, radioactivity from nuclear bombs and reactors, etc. Allergens and toxins permeate our land, bodies of water and our atmosphere. Pathogenic bacteria and viruses have become rampant and incurable due to a low and ineffective immune system.

The clear conclusion is this:

  1. After over 70 years of not addressing this need to support the immune system with the best immune booster, it’s high time we do it.
  2. Clearly, the answer to health and wellness lies in an intact immune system.
  3. The major immune booster is Gano-C.