Asthma & Allergies

The world has millions of asthmatics and it’s adding a million every month due to pollution from toxic chemicals, industrial waste, exhaust from vehicles and machinery, pesticides, toxic dumps and landfills. Adding to the pollution, man has moved away from drinking clean natural spring water needed in detoxing and cleansing the body. Instead, many unhealthful drinks full of sugar and caffeine have replaced plain water. It is no wonder that many suffer different allergies from food, dust, pollen, pets, and others. What makes the problem even worse is that our immune system has become so weak and deficient that the body now has difficulty fighting these diseases. Medications for asthma. allergy and inflammation such as the synthetic steroids like prednisone, hydrocortisone, antihistamines, bronchodilators and others further weaken the immune system increasing the risk for infection to develop.

The situation is not encouraging, but don’t lose hope. We have good news for you! Let us all thank our merciful and loving God and Creator Jehovah, and His Son our King and Saviour, Jesus Christ for Gano-C.

Gano-C is the best option since it will do the following:

  1. It will relieve the inflammation efficiently in both asthma and other allergies.
  2. It will boost the low immune system and the risk for infection is prevented.
  3. It has no adverse side effects.
  4. It will only strengthen and energize the body toward wellness.

Below are related research on the effects of Ganoderma on inflammation, allergy and asthma for your reference.